Back and Blazing


Hey all!

Im finally back! Yes, I took a hiatus even though I haven’t been blogging for long at all. To be honest, getting into the routine of this whole posting everyday thing is hard for me. I am constantly on the go, have a million things going on in life, and I am not embarrassed to say I have self diagnosed myself years ago with attention deficit disorder, even though doctors didn’t officially diagnose me I feel like my overactive mind prevents me from focusing on getting these entries done. I’m just joking, partly. The real reason for my lack on consistency is I truly have never been the social media expert. I was the person who never had a xanga, had someone else make my facebook for me because I either didn’t care enough to do it or I didn’t know how, and couldn’t use it for a year because I didn’t know my password and didn’t bother to get a new one. Yep, I may have been technologically challenged and realized I dated myself by bringing up xanga.

Well there comes a time where a new leaf should be turned and I am trying to embrace the social media world and connect to as many people as possible because I realize I have something I can give to the world to help others! I have always wanted to live in an environment where I can do my part to help make people happy and for me that is through nutrition. I love a lot of things, but nutrition is something i’m passionate about. I want to help people change their bodies, their health, their lives. If I can help people reach their weight loss goal by starting a blog, then so be it, I am starting it because many people in the world need professional dietetic advice, motivation, and support (me including). A lot of people who I have encountered do not know where to start looking for the right professional assistance they need and that’s where I step in.


So if you care at all about what I have to say, are remotely interested in your health, like to exercise, or want some great healthy recipe inspiration then follow me on my blog if you haven’t already because I will be talking about all those topics. And if your not interested than that’s okay, please be nice and don’t write any mean things. That would be great, thanks!

Oh and don’t mind my grammar or run-on sentences. I never claimed to be the best writer, but for some reason I feel compelled to share my words with the world so I am telling you ahead of time I most likely will be writing my thoughts as they rapidly pour out of my head. With that said there may be a mistake or two, but I probably won’t be proof reading much because this is not a published book, so I think I can live with a misspelled word here and there.


Thanks for Visualizing Nutrition with me!

The weekend is almost here so what’s not to smile about!


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