Hello everyone!

I want to give you all a very warm welcome to MyNutritionVision! My name is Rebecca (However, my friends all call me Becky) and I am a Registered Dietitian passionate about spreading the word to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and wellness. How did I find nutrition? Well, let me tell you a little about my background. I was born and raised in Joliet, IL with three siblings and a close-knit family all with entirely different passions. You could say I fell into the “sporty” role at a very young age and no one else in my family really cared that much about health. Unfortunately, I was on my own with that one for quite some time. As a young athlete, proper health and nutrition was always of concern, bringing it inevitably to my attention. I would not say my parents surrounded me with the worse of foods, but I can guarantee it was not the best of foods. My parents didn’t know any better at the time, plus I was that stubborn little kid who only ate chicken fingers at every restaurant ever.

The healthy eating trend has truly just begun in the past decade and the abundance of information available to the public now was not available in the 90’s. Either way, I took it upon myself to start “eating healthy” to benefit my performance in sports. Of course, my version of “eating healthy” was counting calories, staying away from the “fatty foods”, and drinking the occasional V8 tropical blend. Sounds great doesn’t it? Give me a break, I was young. Thankfully, I slowly, but surely learned more about proper nutrition as years went by. As I grew older, life events simply continued to pull my interest towards nutrition. I am a distance runner (with 1 marathon under my belt), a new lover to yoga, my favorite place to be is anywhere outside (kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking, snowboarding, hooping, any sport, ect.), and most importantly I love to cook! I guess you could say the only career path for me that always made complete sense was nutrition and dietetics.



I earned my bachelors degree from Illinois State University in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics graduating Cum Laude and with high honors.

I continued on to graduate school at Bradley University to complete my accredited Dietetic Internship. I have had the privilege to work with amazing people as a community dietitian in Chicago and now as a RD at a residiential health recovery site in the suburbs.



I want to spread my knowledge with all of you in hopes that I can promote healthy food choices to make living a healthy lifestyle that much easier.

Here at MyNutritionVision, my objective is to empower clients to make better dietary choices and embrace an active lifestyle in order to achieve long-term results. It is my goal to integrate behavior modification and nutrition education to help clients reach their personal health goals. Since there is no magic trick for losing weight, I have dedicated MyNutritionVision to provide medical nutrition therapy to individuals through nutrition counseling for all age groups. I utilize my past experiences and knowledge to inspire, promote, and educate people to live a healthy lifestyle with the assistance of sound nutrition information and proper guidance from a Registered Dietitian.

If you are interested in any of my nutrition services please feel free to contact me any time with inquires or questions regarding pricing or any health related topic.

My dream of being able to do something I enjoy and love everyday as a career has come true. I would love more than anything to return the favor by helping anyone in need of a little nutritional support! 🙂


Enjoy the journey and visualize health with MyNutritionVision!

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